Medicinary Quality Standards

Quality Assurance Information

As part of National University of Natural Medicine’s (NUNM) ongoing commitment to quality, we have adopted the use of the Emerson Quality ProgramSM (EQP) as part of the Medicinary Quality Standards, to verify the quality of many of the dietary supplements that we provide to our patients. The EQP is a rigorous supplier qualification program that relies upon a documentation audit, on–site audits and product testing in order to qualify participating brands in their program.

For more information about the Emerson program visit: About The Emerson Quality Program

The NUNM Quality Assurance Program has two tiers. The first tier contains EQP Partners – brands that have passed the EQP supplier qualification process.  The second tier contains brands that have chosen not to participate in the Emerson Quality Program, but have met NUNM’s internal quality standards.

Information for Interested Vendors

If your company is an Emerson Quality Program (EQP) Partner, you will not need to be approved through the Medicinary Quality Standards; however, your products will still be assessed regarding the specific needs of our NUNM faculty, students and patients. If your company is not part of the EQP, we highly recommend that you participate in this program. You may also elect to work directly with the NUNM Medicinary Quality Standards.

For further information about the NUNM Medicinary Quality or to request a Quality Assurance Questionnaire, please contact:

Jennifer Brusewitz, ND
Medicinary Development Supervisor