Medicinary Quality Standards

Quality Assurance Information

As part of National University of Natural Medicine’s (NUNM) ongoing commitment to quality, we have adopted the Emerson Quality ProgramSM (EQP) as part of the NUNM Medicinary Quality Standards, to verify the quality of many of the dietary supplements that we provide to our patients. The EQP is a rigorous supplier qualification program that relies upon a documentation audit, on–site audits and product testing in order to qualify participating brands in their program.  For vendors that are not qualified EQP participants, we request 3rd Party Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) certification to assure the manufacturing processes meet or exceed the FDA’s standards for safety and quality.  Vendors may also be asked to fill out our Quality Assurance Questionnaire (QAQ), to further assess a manufacturer’s quality practices.

For further information about NUNM Medicinary Quality Standards, please contact:

Jennifer Brusewitz, ND
Medicinary Quality Assurance Supervisor