In addition to providing high quality in-person care, NUNM Health Centers offers telehealth appointments to Oregon residents. Telehealth is often the best option for an individual who needs a follow-up consult with their provider by phone, or for those who face transportation barriers or are feeling too unwell to attend an in-person clinic appointment. To conduct a telehealth appointment, patients must have audio/video capabilities on their smartphone, tablet or computer.

Telephonic Appointments

In this style of appointment, established patients are called directly by their provider to discuss their health concerns. These kinds of appointments may be best for individuals who want to follow up on lab results, adjust their medications, discuss GI concerns, or do meal planning. Physical examinations are not suited for this style of appointment since there is only audio. Appointments can be made through our scheduling line at 503.552.1551.

Video Appointments

New and established patients have the ability to see and speak with a provider through MyChart, a secure online health management tool. Appointments can be made through our scheduling line at 503.552.1551. In preparation for a video appointment, patients will need to sign into their MyChart account and confirm that the information in their profile is up to date, such as current mailing address, medication list, and allergies. After confirming that these details are correct, click the “e check-in” button to let the provider know that they’re ready to be seen. Patients will be moved to a virtual waiting room while the provider reviews information before starting the visit.