Information for Patients

Can you help me decide which products I should buy?

Medicinary employees are not authorized to give medical advice or make any health or medical claims.  We can inform you about general product information without making any claims.  For example, if you ask about a product to “boost your immunity” we can tell you about our range of pre–formulated products and show you where to find them on our shelves.  We will not suggest which one you should take or recommend any customized formulation. 

I am looking for a product that you don’t carry.  Can you help me?

The NUNM Medicinary will happily special order any product carried by our suppliers.  Please contact us for more information.

General product guidelines

All products prescribed or recommended by your doctor are to be prepared and/or taken as instructed.  Prescriptions typically have instructions printed on the label.  If you are unsure how to prepare or take your prescription, please contact your practitioner or student intern.

  • Storage: Store all products in a cool dry place or the refrigerator if indicated.  Do not expose homeopathic medications to aromatic substances such as camphor or mint and do not expose containers to direct sunlight.
  • Prescription Expiration: All prescriptions are intended to be used at the time they are prescribed.  Prescriptions are considered no longer valid if they have not been filled within 2 months of the original prescription date.  Prescribed refills are available indefinitely.
  • Side Effects: Any product can potentially cause side effects.  Please ask your healthcare provider if you have concerns about potential side effects or contraindications with other medications.  If you experience any unexplained side effects stop taking the product and call your practitioner who will advise you further.
  • Chinese Bulk Herbs: All Chinese bulk herbs are intended to be cooked and are not to be ingested in their raw un-cooked form.
  • Essential Oils: Essential oils are recommended for external use only unless otherwise prescribed by a practitioner.
  • Pregnancy: If you are pregnant or breastfeeding please consult your provider before using products from the NUNM Medicinary.
  • Allergy Warning: The NUNM Medicinary is a facility that handles soy, wheat, gluten, fish and nuts. Patients are responsible for reading product labels for allergens before purchasing.

Do I need a prescription for the products you offer?

We have an extensive selection of vitamin, mineral, and herbal products that are available over the counter. We also carry products that are only sold with a doctor’s prescription. This includes individualized herbal preparations such as tea blends, tincture formulas, and Chinese granule or bulk formulas that require authorization from a physician (ND or MD) or licensed acupuncturist (LAc) in the form of a prescription.  Some supplements and brands also require prescriptions.  If you are wondering if a particular item is Rx only, contact us.

How can I get a customized herbal tincture or a Chinese medicine formula?

Customized formulas must be ordered by a doctor (ND or MD) or licensed acupuncturist (LAc).  If you do not have a practitioner call today and make an appointment with one of the doctors here at NUNM. Once we receive the order from your practitioner, you can call or visit whenever you are ready to pick up your formula.  Please note that we prepare customized herbal formulas at pick-up so there may be a waiting period as the formula is prepared. We do accept payment over the phone and also offer shipping options.

How do I refill my prescriptions?

As long as your provider has authorized refills on your prescription, all you need to do is call us or stop in to the Medicinary to have it refilled. If you are out of refills on your prescription you will need to contact your provider. If your product is available without a prescription we can fill your order as an over–the–counter product. We suggest that you contact your provider to check if you should still be taking the product after your refills are complete.

Will you mail my purchase to me?

Yes, we offer both pick–up and mail order services. We ship via UPS or USPS Priority Mail, usually a 2–3 day shipping time. Shipping costs vary depending on the weight of your purchase.  Orders over $300 qualify for free shipping.

What is your return policy?

To ensure our customers always receive the most effective, highest quality supplements, the NUNM Medicinary will only offer a return if the customer has a receipt and one of the following situations is present:

  • There is an apparent defect in the product.
  • The customer has experienced a reaction or allergy from the product.
  • The Medicinary incorrectly dispensed an item to the customer.

Returns will not be accepted more than three months after date of purchase for any reason.

What is your patient privacy policy?

NUNM follows The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996(HIPAA) Privacy and Security Rules.

What are my payment options?

The NUNM Medicinary accepts cash, local checks and credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover) payments.

We do not accept or bill insurance but will provide a detailed receipt should you want to bill your own insurance.