Compassionate Care Program

The NUNM billing department is currently working remotely. We encourage patients to pay their bills via OCHIN my chart. If you need access, please call 503-552-1551. You can still call the billing department at 503-552-1506 and leave a message. A team member will call you back within 24 hours.

Our Compassionate Care program makes naturopathic care affordable

Patients who are uninsured or who have insurance that doesn’t cover naturopathic medicine can apply for NUNM’s Compassionate Care Program. For eligible patients, the cost of care will be based upon your annual income and how many people that income supports in your household. Patients who have insurance that covers naturopathic medicine will be required to use it to pay for their services.

Please visit the reception desk if you have any questions about our program.

What are the discounts?

The schedule of discounts is based on a person’s annual income, adjusted for dependents, and where they fall on the Federal Poverty Level guidelines. Any individuals who are uninsured or whose insurance is not contracted to cover naturopathic and Chinese medicine services are eligible to apply for NCNM’s Compassionate Care Program, which uses Federal Poverty Level (FPL) to determine discounts. Here is the schedule of discounts and the federal guidelines.

Family Size100%150%250%400%
Tier One 0 – 149% FPL75% off15% off Medicinary / Discounts on certain labs
Tier Two150 – 250%65% off15% off Medicinary / Discounts on certain labs
Tier Three250 – 400%60% offNo discount on Medicinary items or labs
TOS Discount>400% FPL40% off contract appliedNo discount on Medicinary items or labs
Honored CitizensMedicare Recipients (Federal Only)
Federal Retirees
Persons Age 62 or older
65% offNo discount on Medicinary items or labs