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Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Providers

Chinese medicine practitioners use classical methods of physical examination, including taking the pulse and body palpation to find the patterns in the body that correlate to ill health.

Through meditative exercise, like tai chi and qigong; eating properly (meaning the right foods in the right seasons); Chinese herbal medicine; acupuncture; and Chinese massage, called tui na, Chinese medicine addresses not just physical health, but also emotional, psychological and spiritual health.

David Berkshire, MAcOM, LAcGwen LoVetere, MAcOM, LAc

Loch Chandler, ND, MSOM, MPH
Andy McIntyre, MS, LAc
Xiaoli Chen, DAOM, LAcChristine Pearson, MSOM, LAc
Suzanne Chi, MSOM, LAcDaniel Silver, MSOM, LAc
Ken Glowacki, MSTOM, LAcBrandt Stickley, MSTCM, LAc
Harry King, MSOM, LAcEdyth Vickers, ND, LAc
Joon Hee Lee, DAOM, LAc