Alert: We appreciate your patience! The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant strain on the healthcare field - NUNM Health Centers included. We know that accessing care takes longer and is more difficult these days. Please accept our apologies and extend us the courtesy of kindness while we do our best to serve you. Thank you for trusting us with your health!

NUNM Health Centers–Lair Hill is an OHA Top-Tier Patient-Centered Primary Care Home

The Oregon Health Authority now recognizes NUNM Health Centers–Lair Hill as Tier 4 Patient-Centered Primary Care Homes—a top-level certification granted by the OHA.

What does that mean for patients? A PCPCH is the “gold standard of care.” NUNM Health Centers–Lair Hill is recognized for their commitment to providing high-quality, patient-centered care by promoting better coordination of care and clinical teamwork, and a better understanding of the patient’s overall healthcare needs. Primary care homes reduce costs and improve care by focusing on preventive care, wellness and management of chronic conditions.

As a patient, you will have access to a team of providers and students who will use their combined knowledge and experience to best support you. The NUNM Health Centers healthcare team consists of your naturopathic primary care physician (PCP), licensed acupuncturists and Chinese medicine practitioners—all familiar with your specific treatment program and needs. The practitioners at NUNM Health Centers are recognized for their professional expertise in assessing the root cause of imbalance in the human body—and in the treatments that work with the body’s inherent healing abilities.