Welcome to the NUNM Health Centers

NUNM Health Centers offer naturopathic and Chinese medicine care that assist natural healing and help you achieve your next level of wellness at all our clinics. Through our healthcare clinic on SW Corbett Avenue, our Beaverton Clinic and our community clinics around the Metro area, teams of physicians, acupuncturists and students help you utilize the natural medicine techniques most appropriate for your unique situation.

NUNM Health Centers Locations

NUNM Health Centers – Lair Hill

3025 SW Corbett Avenue | Portland, OR 97201
On the corner of SW Porter St. and Corbett Ave.
Phone: 503.552.1551
Directions to the Health Center – Parking for the clinic is accessible from SW Porter St.
Clinic Hours

NUNM Health Centers – Beaverton

11975 SW 2nd Street, Beaverton
Information and Scheduling: 503.552.1552

NUNM Community Clinics

NUNM offers low-cost naturopathic and Chinese medicine health care to low income and underserved people in our community at several clinics in the Metro area.
For appointments and information contact a clinic in your area.

Volunteer at a Community Clinic

We are looking for volunteers to serve as patient advocates and assist in the set up and smooth running of our community clinics. Interested? Visit our volunteer openings page or contact us at ccsupport@nunm.edu.

NUNM Medicinary

Contact: 503.552.1999

Housed in the NUNM Health Centers, the Medicinary offers a comprehensive selection of supplements, herbs, homeopathic remedies, tinctures and other products. These are available to the public and physicians, as well as our clinic patients, through walk–in service, and mail order.

Medicinary Hours