Community Health Centers

NUNM Health Centers appreciate your patience as we adapt to changing needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Your health is our priority. 

We encourage all patients to call our scheduling team at 503-552-1551 if you have questions about what type of visit is right for you. While we continue to offer COVID-19 testing for those meeting recommended testing criteria, at this time we are not offering antibody testing. We will continue to monitor and update our protocols per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Oregon Health Authority (OHA).   

There is no specific treatment for coronavirus. Most infected people will recover on their own and expert guidance at this time is encouraging patients to stay home. We will continue to monitor and update our protocols per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Oregon Health Authority (OHA).

Please note that all services have been suspended at all of the following Community Health Centers sites except Sunnyside.

A Natural Approach to Health

NUNM’s Community Health Centers offer integrative medical care by the region’s foremost naturopathic physicians and Chinese medicine practitioners, and their finest medical students—all working together to bring you coordinated care. Your primary care team will provide you with the most effective healing treatment options to address your unique health concerns, and assist you in achieving and maintaining your ideal state of health and wellness.

Partners in Portland and Beyond

NUNM is an active member in the Coalition of Community Health Clinics. We believe that partnering with other clinics, nonprofits and government agencies allows for the greatest opportunities for natural care. Since natural medicine reaches individuals from across a wide range of backgrounds, we aim to provide culturally affirming care within many different communities.

Partner Locations

NUNM Community Health Centers have multiple locations to serve you. Below is a list of our current partner sites:

For Naturopathic Medicine:

For Classical Chinese Medicine:

We also have Naturopathic Medicine at a number of community organizations. You can schedule an appointment for NUNM services by calling the host organization at the number listed next to their name below:

Our community health centers department also partners with a variety of other organization to provide Classical Chinese Medicine services including: An Hao, the Immune Enhancement Project (IEP), Central City Concern’s Old Town Clinic, Hooper Detox, Outside In, and OHSU Richmond. Please contact these organizations directly to inquire about our service offerings at their locations.

We Make Medicine Affordable

NUNM contracts with a number of insurance companies, including CareOregon and other OHP programs. We will bill your insurance for covered services. If patients are not insured, or care is not covered, we offer financial assistance under our Compassionate Care Program. Assistance is income-dependent and patients seeking assistance can apply during their first appointment. We accept payment by check, cash and credit card.

If you have no insurance and do not qualify for financial assistance, we offer a time-of-service cash pay discount to all patients. Ask if NUNM is contracted with your insurance provider when you call for an appointment. Payment is due at the time of service.

A Medicinary in Your Neighborhood

Each of our community health sites contain medicinary items to supplement your care. Vitamins, minerals, teas and tinctures are some of the items that we keep on hand at your neighborhood NUNM Community Health Center. Most of the items are deeply discounted, which means that your body can get back into balance without it having to break your bank account. Medicinary items are for established patients, so if you are interested in taking a more natural approach to prescriptions, schedule a consult with one of our naturopathic doctors to find out how we can help.

To get connected to a provider: 503.552.1551