Cost of Care & Insurance

Paying for Care at our Health Centers and Specialty Clinics

In 2015, NUNM earned Top-Tier status as a certified Patient-Centered Primary Care Home (PCPCH), the highest level of healthcare certification granted by the Oregon Health Authority. Our commitment to providing high quality health care means that patients get better preventative visits, wellness, and management of chronic conditions. To make this care more affordable to patients and meet contractual requirements of our insurance contracts, NUNM is happy to offer a schedule of discounts through our Compassionate Care Program for those patients who are uninsured and to those whose insurance we are unable to bill.

Billing Insurance

Due to NUNM’s status as a PCPCH, we now have insurance contracts that cover primary care and other treatments. We will work with you to verify your insurance and determine your level of coverage. We ask that you allow us five business days to verify your insurance coverage. Until your insurance is verified, you are asked to pay in full at our standard rates and we will reimburse you any payments received. If you have insurance we are contracted with we are required to bill it. Your co-pay is due at time of service.

* If your insurance plan does not cover a service at NUNM, you may be required to sign a waiver stating you are aware of your obligation to pay for non-covered services out of pocket. However, if you are eligible for the Compassionate Care Program, you may apply your tier discount to non-covered services. If you leave without paying at check out, you will be billed the full amount.

Compassionate Care Program for the Uninsured and Underinsured

Effective July 1st, 2016 NUNM’s Compassionate Care Pricing Will Go Into Effect.

Patients who are uninsured or whose insurance doesn’t cover the cost of care may participate in NUNM’s Compassionate Care Program. The cost of care will be based on your annual income and adjusted for the number of people supported by that income.

The Affordable Care Act and our insurance contracts require us to make this change. All current fee schedules will go away. And, if you have insurance we are contracted with, you will be required to use it. Please visit the reception desk to apply for the program. You may also download the application in the “Download Clinic Forms” section above. All completed applications must be submitted to the reception desk for eligibility verification.

What is the schedule?**

The schedule of discounts for the Compassionate Care Program is based on a person’s annual income, adjusted for dependents, and where they fall on the Federal Poverty Level guidelines. Here is the schedule of discounts and the federal guidelines.

Family Size / número de personas en su hogar100%150%250%350%400%
Tier One / Nivel uno0 – 149%85% off / 85% de descuento15% off Medicinary / Discounts on certain labs
Tier Two / Nivel dos150 – 249%75% off / 75% de descuento15% off Medicinary / Discounts on certain labs
Tier Three / Nivel tres250 – 349%70% off / 70% de descuentoNo discount
Tier Four / Nivel cuatro350 – 400%65% off / 65% de descuentoNo discount
TOS CashNA40% off / 40% de descuentoNo discount

**All NUNM Clinic’s time of service discounts are subject to change.