Cost of Care & Insurance

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Payment Options

Paying for health care has never been easier with changes made possible through the Affordable Care Act and other health reforms. NUNM wants to be your choice for integrative primary care. We work hard so you are assured a quality experience at a good value. We provide a number of payment options to make your visits as convenient as possible. Sometimes things change, though, so be sure to remember to ask about payment when you schedule your appointment.

NUNM accepts and bills most insurance. We accept payment by cash, check and credit card, and can offer payment plans depending on your need and circumstances. Some illnesses and health check-ups are covered by special programs; be sure to ask about this at your first visit or whenever you need assistance.

Billing Insurance*+

NUNM is contracted (in-network) with:

  • CareOregon
  • Lifewise of OR and WA (PPO and commercial plans)
  • Oregon Health Plan (Fee for Service and Open Card)
  • UHC (PPO and commercial plans)
  • FamilyCare Health with referral
  • Kaiser with referral

We are not a contracted Medicare provider. If your insurance requires a copay, we ask that you provide that payment as you check in. Please call your insurance company prior to your visit if you are unsure whether our services are covered under your plan, or you have questions about your deductible.

We will also bill non-contracted/out-of-network insurance companies. However, because we do not know how your claim will be paid, we require that you pay our “prompt pay” discounted price at your visit. We will refund you any amount paid by your insurance company.

*If your insurance plan does not cover a service at NUNM, you may be required to sign a waiver stating you are aware of your obligation to pay out-of-pocket for noncovered services. However, if you are eligible for NUNM’s Compassionate Care Program, you may apply your tier-level discount to noncovered services. If you leave without paying at check out, you will be billed the full amount.

+Insurance plans change often. In the event your insurance company doesn’t pay, you are responsible for your bill.


Many patients prefer to pay out-of-pocket for their care. NUNM offers a discount for payment at time of service. We accept cash, check and credit cards.

Compassionate Care Program for the Uninsured and Underinsured

Uninsured patients or patients whose insurance doesn’t cover the cost of care are invited to participate in NUNM’s Compassionate Care Program. This program offers a schedule of discounts based on a person’s annual income and is adjusted for dependents. Discounts are determined after an application is completed and income is verified. If you would like to be considered for the Compassionate Care Program, please ask for an application at your first visit. The Compassionate Care Program is not insurance and is subject to change at any time at NUNM’s discretion.

Compassionate Care Program Schedule?**

The schedule of discounts for the Compassionate Care Program is based on a person’s annual income, adjusted for dependents, and where they fall on the Federal Poverty Level guidelines. Here is the schedule of discounts and the federal guidelines.

Family Size / número de personas en su hogar100%150%250%350%400%
Tier One / Nivel uno0 – 149%85% off / 85% de descuento15% off Medicinary / Discounts on certain labs
Tier Two / Nivel dos150 – 249%75% off / 75% de descuento15% off Medicinary / Discounts on certain labs
Tier Three / Nivel tres250 – 349%70% off / 70% de descuentoNo discount
Tier Four / Nivel cuatro350 – 400%65% off / 65% de descuentoNo discount
TOS CashNA40% off / 40% de descuentoNo discount

**All NUNM Clinic’s time of service discounts are subject to change.

Government Programs

The state of Oregon offers several programs to help cover the cost of care. NUNM is pleased to participate in three—Oregon Health Plan (OHP), ScreenWise and the Vaccines for Children Program. OHP is insurance; it pays for care within program compliance. Eligibility is income dependent. You can apply at:

ScreenWise is a subsidy that pays for breast and cervical cancer screenings, cardiovascular screenings and more. Eligibility is income dependent and may be limited in other ways. You may enroll for a ScreenWise subsidy at NUNM and get screenings at no cost. More information on this program is available on the Oregon Public Health website.